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Puppies almost ready!

Puppies are green but are being socialized and starting on basic commands and a bit of search, on, off, bark, quiet, and anything else that they do that can be one day a command for them in their role in their forever home.

Their biting is being taught to not bite everyone and is becoming more under control everyday. They are learning to stay away from moving feet when not on walks. A couple of the pups are great with staying by my side for walks. Leash work will be started today and tomorrow so it will not agitate them and they will know some of what it is.

We work with a couple at a time and get them ready for you or your trainer to train.

Please research this breed and build a support group of helpful people familiar with this breed. I had a trainer work with my son and one of ours and she did not know the breed. We were told not to come back because she did not realize that se crossed a line of his protective space for 3 minutes and my son didn't know any better.

Beware of trainers that don't know this breed. They are going to do their job always. "Off" must be taught and when it is off time they are still really "on."

Slick floors, carpet, stairs up and down are achieved. Moving from slick floor to carpeted stairs is always the biggest challenge and doesn't come up often in real life, however, it is being worked on.

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