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Dog first aid kit

When it comes to caring for your family, everyone has some first aid items at home for their human members. Furry members get hurt too.

So in order to have yourself prepared for minor, non-lifethreatening occurrences that may happen when the vet isn't available, such as the weekend, here are some things that may buy you some time and help keep your pet from long-term effects and ease their discomfort.

Dog First Aid Kit

  1. Pumkin-multivitamins and helps constipation and diarrhea

  2. Eggs-vitamins for coat, skin and joints, helps with joint pains including growing pains during first 2 years. (1 a week)

  3. Goat milk powder-multivitamins to replenish what isn't in dog food

  4. Triple Antibiotic ointment-for wounds to keep wounds "wet" and clean if stitches are needed and helps healing

  5. Peroxide-mix with equal parts water for wound bath to clean area to not get infection

  6. Gauze-regular gauze will stick to wounds so extra antibiotic ointment or lined gauze so it doesn't stick

  7. Vet tape or horse leg wrap-to wrap wounds and hold gauze and not rip off fur.

  8. Antimicrobial eye wash-for eye injuries so eyes don't get infected

  9. Antiviral eye gel-so eyes don't get viral infection

  10. Ask your vet about OTC human pain medication safe for your dog-I had a 30 year old husky-german Shepherd that took asprin every morning and night for his arthritis. I have had a dog prescribed ibuprofen for pain for shins injured. I believe it depends on swelling and inflammation, so consult your vet.

It is also good to check what to have on hand for poison situations and inform yourself of different poisoning signs in dogs. Ask your vet. Most common poisonings are from car coolant. It tastes sweet to your dog and gives drunk-like effects or distemper or parvo like symptoms. Cars can leak this and your dog may get it ingested before you notice.

Accidents happen and it is not fun. Please keep your fur family safe every season as you would the rest of your family. Take care and have fun!

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Lori Will
18 mai 2023

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